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The farm page

old cow

seven meadows farm sign

farm house in Watercolour

Last year we bought a mid-nineteenth century farmsted. I like to show before/after pictures of what I've done to restore/renew it.

Sometimes I feel that I could do anything ... except find the time.
- S. Bain 2001

Farm house

The barn

front of house

main pond

cows playing: king of the hill, and posing

Here I am with a Holstein called (AS)400

Anita on Tractor

My wife's sister Anita with our 1st Wheelhorse 1248


Fixin' up
(before/after pictures)

"Just tear it down and build a new one (bah!)"

driveshed being straightened

One day many years ago, a dairy truck backed in to the guy wire post that supports the hydro pole. The imbalanced tension was absorbed by the drive shed via its electrical mast. The constant "pull" eventually drew the building's base off of its concrete pad. Untreated wood incontact with wet dirt for maybe 20 years managed to disintegrate the first 2 feet of structural framing. The owner tryed to shore it up with partical board with obvious results.
I loosened off the hydro wires and cabled and jacked up that sucker till it was almost straight. After reframing the base I applyed one inch board and batton from a local mill and even built out the sides a bit to make it look straight. It may not be perfect but I'll park my wife's Jag in there without a worry.
My Scotch grrand-dad 'a been mighty proud 'o the savin's - aye!

black thumb

driveshed with new board & batten

From this . . .

"Just scrape it off the side of the house and build a new one"-jm

Pickelling room new windows & restored porch

. . . to this!
Note: The 10 inch dutch cove vinyl siding matched the original siding to a "tee".
. . . Sure, I could have taken a sample of the original stuff and had it re-milled for authenticity, but I've got better things to do with my time and money - ye know!

The easy way to fix a bad wall ...

"I can save it, really!"

... install 16 feet of doors!

I wonder if I should have gotten a building permit?

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