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Scott D. Bain
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Toronto: "Where the paths meet", the geographical centre of the universe, a.k.a. Hog-Town. Now known as "The big Smoke??!!"

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I have been living in and around Toronto for about 35 years. These are my observations about what has changed over the years for better or worse:

1. Succession of the "boroughs" (bad-more polititions to pay)
2. The conversion of Yorkville from a hippie haven to quaint, uptown boutiques and restaurants (yawn)
3. The mass-exodus of non-separatist Quebecers from Montreal to Toronto (the best thing Quebec ever gave us - thanks)
4. The CN Tower (come on boys - a slight case of penis envy huh?)
5. The Yonge Street Mall (this would have been a great opportunaty to make our city more people-friendly than car-freindly)
6. Wave upon wave of migration to Toronto from every point in the world (mostly good, but too much too fast for most people)
7. The Harbour front, Queens Quay. (a real improvement, but sould be more affordable and less exclusive)
8. The subway system. (expensive and necessary expansions should be entirely funded by the province and feds without question)
9. The forced amalgamation of Metro-Toronto's "Cities" (Duh! About time)