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Scott D. Bain

The following page contains notes and supporting documentation for this site:

Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemmons)

Factoid: Some "scholars" would change Twain's name back to the "Samuel Clemmons". How rude! He chose his name from riverboat jargon: "Mark Twain" means "turn around."

Mark Twain lived on the edge of Industrial & technological changes. Twain wrote a great deal about technology, particularly the trains that were so changing the world he lived in.

Bouncing heads on the family photo album page is a modified Java applet originally authored by Jonathan Payne

Farm To-do list:
upgrade electric service - awaiting budget approval
install plumbing - (done)
line cistern - cancelled
divert eaves troughs to cistern - cancelled-
divert eaves troughs to rain barrel - done
install waterpump from rain barrel - done
deep well project - done (thanks EFP)
hot water heater - installed
insulate attic - done
patch roof leaks - ongoing
replace windows
jack up house - in progress
remove old floor back room - done
reinforce floor joists - done
install duct work - cancelled
install air-tight woodstove - in progress
install corn stove - done
new hardwood floor - in progress
re-morter stone foundation - done
new kitchen cabinets - done
install double doors bedroom - done
plaster bedroom walls, ceiling - done
walpaper bedrooms - in progress
new three peice bathroom -done
install dishwasher - in progress

cultivate vegatable garden - deferred 1 more year
septic system - done
dig trench to pond - cancelled
lay waterlines from pond - donelay circulation lines to pond - cancelled
remove vines from trees - done
fix electric fence - done
build front gate
build front fence - done
plant apple trees - done
plant evergreen trees - done
remove old straw from barn - in progress
bury phone cable to service - done
install electric to gate

move electric fence around pond - done
set-up watering trough for cows - done
install gate at pond fence - done
install dock at pond

replace foundation beams
fix barn floor
jack up barn - done
repair colapsed floor from accident 
new eaves troughs on barn
fix barn roof - ongoing
replace bad beams in barn
New phone lines - done
bury phone cable to barn
set-up barn office
new barn windows - in progress
replace barn board
fix barn doors - done
new straw in barn (for weight)

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